Poppleton in Winter

Title: Poppleton in Winter

Author: Cynthia Rylant

Illustrator: Mark Teague

Publisher:  Blue Sky Press/Scholastic

Copyright: 2001

Suggested Age:4+

Poppleston’s winter activities are filled with fun.  He is able find an inventive use for icicles, create a bust of his best friend with some difficulty and even has a sleigh ride.  Along the way his friends are there for the ride!

Teaching Opportunities:

  • Building of vocabulary  (New words such as “bust” and “icicles”  are used.  Children can research these words and concepts)
  • The Season of Winter (This book can be used to aid in preparing children for the changes of Winter.  They can share their expectations of the season and activities they are looking forward to and not looking forward to in Winter)
  • Character Development (Together with the other books, children can look at the different characters and discuss any consistencies or differences in their behavior across the series)

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